Blockchain and Web3 Education for Companies

Inevitable is the platform to upskill your devs and engineers for Blockchain and Web3 in a fast, straightforward, and practical way.

Certify 10 or 10,000 in the skills that are building the future.

  • Smart Contracts
  • Scaling Solutions
  • On-Chain and Off-Chain Data
  • Tokenization
  • Blockchain and Web3 Security
  • Blockchain and Web3 DevOps
  • And much more

Upskill for Blockchain. Retain your engineers and devs.

0 %
of employees would consider switching jobs to update their skills, according to Gallup.
0 %
of employees would stay at their company if their company invested in their careers, according to LinkedIn.
0 %
of employees between 18 and 24 years of age ranked upskilling and reskilling as the third-most important benefit, according to SHRM.

Priceless benefits.

All courses

All courses are instantly available to your employees and new courses are added every month.

On-Chain Credentials

Issuing of interoperable non-transferable NFT certificates on the blockchain. 

Self-Paced Programs

Your employees can start and finish the certifications whenever they want to.  


Build Blockchain and Web3 fluency in your organization. For 10 or 10,000 employees, we got you covered. 

Track Progress

Keep metrics of your employees' learning and progress up to date. 

Learning Paths

We cover all levels of learning and learning paths, so you can upskill different types of employees easily. 

Blockchain and Web3 will eat the world. And this is already happening.

Upskill your teams for the next Era of the Internet

Upskill 10 or 10,000, build Blockchain and Web3 fluency inside your organization and retain your devs and engineers. 

Join the Revolution.

$ 0
expected cost to recruit/hire a blockchain engineer, according to LeewayHertz
0 %
it was the growth of blockchain-related jobs posted in Indeed, in 2021
$ 0 tri
the expected valuation of the blockchain market in 2030, accordin to PrecedenceResearch

The Best ROI in Training

According to, hiring 10 entry-level Blockchain Engineers cost

$ 0
per year

With Inevitable, you upskill your engineering team in an affordable, accountable, and easy way.

Are you a dev or engineer?

Help your company offer high-level Blockchain and Web3 education for devs and engineers as a powerful benefit. 

Why Inevitable?

Build Web3 and Blockchain fluency in your organization

Your team can achieve Blockchain and Web3 fluency in no-time with our in-depth courses. 

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"Inevitable has done an incredible job of acculturating and educating for this new Web 3 world. Totally necessary".

V. Elman, Creative Lead - Advertising Agency

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"What Inevitable has done is incredible. I'm sure you will hear a lot about them".

M. Daniel, Digital Transformation Leader - Consulting Firm

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"My manager will be blown away with all this knowledge of mine".

M. Qamar, Business Development - Asian Tech Company

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"Inevitable has really broken down the NFT space in a digestible way".

N. Vasold, Director, Compliance - Pubicly traded US tech company

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"You have done a remarkable job of making the complicated easy and compelling".

M. Frost, Educator

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"Your course was an excellent way to bring me back to why we need to educate everyone in this revolution".

J. Kim, Director - Canadian Fintech

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