About Us

We are a native Blockchain and Web3 education company.
Our mission is to help companies to use Blockchain and Web3 as tools on their journey of solving problems and adding value to the world. We do this through education and technology.

Our educational programs help engineers and devs to upskill for Blockchain and Web3, learning and mastering subjects and skills such as smart contracts, wallets, tokens, and more.

Our Values

“Ego is the enemy of what you want and of what you have (...) It repulses advantages and opportunities. It’s a magnet for enemies and errors.” - Ryan Holiday

“Infinite-minded leaders understand that “best” is not a permanent state. Instead, they strive to be “better.” - Simon Sinek

“The difference between science and fucking around is writing things down”

“If you are hesitant on suggesting, giving, or asking for some feedback, there is something not right going on”

"In the long term, time is your ally. In the short term, it is your enemy" - Prof Scott Galloway

"The fastest way to be successful is to simply make everyone around you successful." - Anthony Pompliano

Build this new world with us.