Introducing WalletBound Tokens

At Inevitable, our mission is to bring professionals and companies into Web 3.0 using education and technology. We believe that technology such as tokens (both fungible and non-fungible) will unlock new business opportunities in the next decade.

However, Web 3.0 and the entire tokenization space are very new. This brings a lot of confusion and speculation. Today, NFTs are still seen by many people as simply assets for financial speculation.

However, we know that the potential of NFTs goes far beyond that. At Inevitable, from the beginning we strongly believed in the power of composability, that is, in the attribute that NFTs and smart contracts have in allowing users and businesses to build new applications using what already exists.

What are WalletBound Tokens?

At Inevitable, we have several educational programs for professionals and companies. In all of them, we use the technology we developed in-house for blockchain-certified proficiency, where those who participate in our programs can issue their certificates as Non-Transferable NFTs.

We are calling these NFTs as WalletBound Tokens. They will forever be tied to a specific Wallet, which makes sense for certifications and helps to defuse the idea that NFTs always have to have a speculative financial side.

We know that there is potential in SoulBound Tokens, however, we see that this is today much more a concept than something concrete. Putting WalletBound Tokens into practice is our way of helping the space move forward and walk the talk and put what we believe in into practice.

This technology will be present in all our programs going forward. And we will use these WalletBound Tokens as a form of composability, creating new programs, events, exclusive experiences, and also a gamified learning system for those who hold Inevitable certifications. 

We remain firm in our mission to bring professionals and companies to Web 3.0 using education and technology, in this case, believing and building with the composable value of NFTs.

If you want to know more or even use this technology in your company and your programs, send us an email at

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