What is Web3: a Framework with Technologies and Examples

Defining web3 can be tricky.

Being such a new space still under construction, it is difficult to have concrete definitions of something that is still building its foundations.

However, that doesn’t mean we can’t try.

Definitions can be limiting, but they help us focus on what really matters.

In a space with as many variables and scams as web3, this can mean the difference between making good and bad decisions.

And in this environment, good decisions can mean millions of revenue. And bad decisions can mean millionaire losses.

After months of research and drafting, in partnership with Andrea Iorio, an Inevitable Instructor, we developed a framework that seeks to connect several ends: web3, metaverse, blockchain, tokens, DAOs, and so on.

Last week, introducing this framework to some managers that were confused about this “web3 thing”, we saw how powerful this can be. And now we want to introduce this framework to you:

Here we go:

Blockchain is the underlying tech infrastructure empowering the so-called web3. 

– Blockchain is not an end by itself, that’s why we have Tokens and NFTs. They work as the Currency and the Goods of web3, building bridges of interaction between users and applications.

– Users need a way to align incentives in this new space. DAOs are web3-native organizations that try to solve this problem, although we are in a very experimental phase right now. 

– And then, the Metaverse, which works as the interface of contact for this new internet. Here we can include technologies such as VR, AR, Digital Twins, and so on. The biggest Metaverse applications are still under development and we still don’t have a killer app in this category. 

Does it make sense? 

You could argue that the positions are not correct, that elements are missing, or that you would change the definitions. We know. The purpose of this framework is that it serves as a basis for managers to have a holistic view of web3 and, from there, they can make good decisions.

In the classes of the first module (Overview of Web3, main concepts, and its technologies) of The Web3 for Business Blueprint program, Andrea presents this framework in depth and demonstrates in a practical way how businesses from the most diverse industries – pharma, and healthcare, among others – are using this framework to enter web3.

This framework has helped professionals from many different industries to better understand WTF is this web3 thing. We hope it helps you too.

Having a clear map can mean the difference between a resounding success and a stunning failure. 

Until next time, 


Tiago Amaral, co-founder of Inevitable.

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