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“Being an Instructor at Inevitable has been such an amazing experience! I have the feeling that I am helping build and grow the Web 3.0 ecosystem through the most important thing: knowledge. The more people understand and know about Web 3.0, the more the movement will grow. Plus, besides teaching I am learning a lot through the interactions with the community! Thanks Inevitable for making this possible”.

Andrea Iorio, InΞvitable Instructor

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Published by InΞvitable 🎥

Bring the content and we take care of the publishing and the technical aspects.

Issue certificates as non-transferable NFTs 🔒

Our in-house technology makes possible to our instructors to issue certificates as non-transferable NFTs 100% free. No gas fees for the users, 10-15 seconds to mint the certificate. Your own smart contract.

Become a community-recognized leader ⭐️

Harness your expertise and become a recognized Web 3.0 expert.

Bring your content. We take care of the rest.

Without InΞvitable ❌

Offer crypto payments to users: 4 weeks to implement

Content hosting: up to $ 300/year

Recording Platform: up to $ 200/year

Branding, Design, and Landing Page: up to $ 1,000/year

Tech Stack for Certificates as non-transferable NFTs: up to $ 5,000/year

Your cost: almost $ 7,000/year

With InΞvitable ✅

Offer crypto payments to users: BUILT-IN

Content hosting: $0

Recording Platform: $0

Branding, Design, and Landing Page: $0

Tech Stack for Certificates as non-transferable NFTs: $0

Your cost: $0


Everyone who has something interesting to teach within Web 3.0! Our team of experts reviews all proposals to maintain a high level of teachers, so we can make sure that our community will be positively impacted by that expert.

No, you won't have to pay anything. Inevitable take care of all costs, including hosting, editing, design, crypto payments and NFT certification infrastructure. Not only do you not have to pay anything, you also earn money for sharing your knowledge 🙂

No! A good camera and microphone help with production, but our team can help with instructions for this part.

Any topic within the Web 3.0 universe can be published on our platform, including marketing, business development, strategy, operations, and so on. Topics related to specific industries can also be taught, such as pharma, automotive, entertainment, and so on. Courses with more general themes can also be taught, such as "Introduction to NFTs", or "Web 3.0 for Business".

We work hard to make each course unique and really bring out what each instructor is special about. Our courses usually last between 2 and 6 hours and use all the hosting infrastructure and technology that we have already built.

You need a US bank account or a PayPal account. Don't worry, our team will assist you on this process 🙂

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