5 Predictions about the Ownership Economy and how it will impact the coming years

1) New Business Models

Ownership Economy will bring new business models based on creating new assets from existing ones. Think about fanfics, for example, and how much they can be monetized by fans, paying royalties to the original creator, using technologies like NFTs.

2) From fans to communities

Ownership Economy will help transform fans (more passive) into communities (more active)

3) People value more what they help to build

People value more what they help to build. Your commitment is much greater if you own part of that, rather than being a passive consumer. From the moment you can build new things with that asset, it becomes more valuable to you and to the community as a whole.

4) Ownership Economy and the Creative Industry

This will be extremely impactful for the creative industry. Today, fans ALREADY CREATE new products from existing creative products (fanfics, game mods, conferences and unofficial forums). Imagine when they can do this on-chain and oficially. Hundreds of millions of dollars will be unlocked.

5) Users building products

This also means that users will be able to participate more actively in the creation of new products. If you own some of that, the build incentives change, as you also have skin in the game and you’re going to have a lot more commitment. The way companies will innovate can also be greatly influenced. Open Innovation will gain new vision with tokenization, gated communities, and NFTs.

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