Blockchain analytics company creates indexes to track the NFTs market

Nansen, a blockchain research and analysis platform, announced the launch of six indexes to follow the Ethereum network’s NFTs market this week. The objective is to arm stakeholders and investors with the knowledge and tools necessary to analyze and forecast industry trends.

Nansen launched the “Blue Chip” index earlier this year to track the success of the most popular NFTs, including CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Vee Friends, ArtBlocks, and CoolCats. Now, the business has revamped its offering in the sector, introducing six new indexes that provide a more complete picture of the industry.

The first index is the “Nansen NFT-500,” which is the most comprehensive and aims to provide a macro perspective of the industry. According to the business, the index was established to act as a barometer for the Non-Fungible Tokens market and comprises the performance of the world’s 500 most valuable collections, as defined by market capitalization. In 2022, these collections will account for 85.4% of total market transaction volume.

The second index, called “Nansen Blue Chip-10,” will follow the success of ten of the world’s most illustrious NFT collections, as measured by market capitalization. This index will include just the world’s most well-known NFTs, such as CryptoPunks and BAYC.

The “Nansen Social-100” index is associated with NFTs that, according to the company, are used by investors to connect and interact with other people and communities, including tokens that serve as a profile picture on social media platforms, tokens that serve as a “passport” to a group or community, utility NFTs, and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).

The “Nansen Gaming-50” index contains the top 50 NFT initiatives in the gaming field, including play-to-earn game tokens such as Axie Infinity, game tokens such as GameFi (which combine games with decentralized financial features), and RPG games (those that use NFTs as accessories and equippable or consumable items).

The fifth index, the “Nansen Art-20,” will track the world’s biggest creative collections, which will contain works by individual artists such as XCOPY and Beeple, as well as tokens of arts and music.

Finally, the “Nansen Metaverse-20” index will track NFTs associated with the metaverse, such as avatars, terrains, virtual reality assets, and utilities.