How ISH is upskilling for the future of cybersecurity

Industry: IT Services and IT Consulting Company Size: 500-1,000 About ISH ISH Tecnologia is one of the fastest-growing IT companies in LATAM. Founded in 1996, it currently holds offices in five different states and provides services to hundreds of clients from various business segments, being a tech partner for some of the biggest banks in […]Read More


Bored Ape Yacht Club: The Untold Story

We started the first idea of Inevitable – to be an agency that would help artists to launch their NFT collections – at the beginning of 2021.  That was before BAYC, Cool Cats, Doodles, and Moonbirds.  Today, Yuga Labs, the company behind BAYC, is valued at $ 4 billion. Trying to explain a success like […]Read More


Web3 is a mess of many things. Here is how

It can be difficult to build a web3 strategy when we have so many buzzwords and variables out there.    DeFi. NFTs. DAOs. Crypto. Tokens. Wallets. Avatars. Gaming. Airdrops. Metaverse. Blockchain. Exchanges. Collectibles.  Digital Twins. Marketplaces. Digital Identity. Decentralization.   To anyone entering this space, it can seem intimidating and overwhelming. If we are trying […]Read More


Web3 Go-To-Market: The Chris Brown Case

In July 2022, Chris Brown – 123 MILLION followers on Instagram – launched his NFT collection, called Breezyverse. 10,000 (oh really?) NFTs were available at an approximate price of $440. In an eventual sold out, the collection would have raised $4,400,000. That is not what happened. After a few weeks, only 3% of the collection – 297 items […]Read More


Building NFT Products: The CSU Framework

We talk with dozens of brands interested in joining the NFTs space every month.  Their managers are caught up in the hype.  After all, headlines are showing collections raising millions of dollars, huh? Of course this will engage.  But that’s a trap. 90% of the brands joining the NFTs space right now don’t have a […]Read More