5 Predictions about the Ownership Economy and how it will

1) New Business Models Ownership Economy will bring new business models based on creating new assets from existing ones. Think about fanfics, for example, and how much they can be monetized by fans, paying royalties to the original creator, using technologies like NFTs. 2) From fans to communities Ownership Economy will help transform fans (more […]Read More

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Introducing WalletBound Tokens

At Inevitable, our mission is to bring professionals and companies into Web 3.0 using education and technology. We believe that technology such as tokens (both fungible and non-fungible) will unlock new business opportunities in the next decade. However, Web 3.0 and the entire tokenization space are very new. This brings a lot of confusion and […]Read More


6 areas of impact of Web3 and the Metaverse on

Written by Andrea Iorio Leading speaker (+150 keynotes/year) on Digital Transformation, Leadership and Web3 in Latin America and U.S. Formerly at Tinder & L’Oréal. Certified InΞvitable Instructor.  Imagine that you are the BU leader of a big Pharma company based in Europe, and you have to solve a crisis your company is facing: a new […]Read More

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How Arkus upskilled its team of consultants for Web 3.0

Arkus is a Salesforce and Premium Partner based in New York City with remote offices across North America. This team of highly certified experts is redefining what it means to partner with an outside consultant while providing a diverse set of services from Salesforce implementations to custom application development. Since being founded in 2010, […]Read More